Chris Rodriguez appears to be an ordinary little old lady who lives in a white-trimmed cottage in Pocatello, Idaho.  She is retired from conventional life and enjoys puttering in her large yard and garden, raising backyard chickens and writing stories.  Her favorite pastime is meeting with friends in the Creative Writing Group  at the Pocatello/Chubbuck Senior Activity Center and The Pocatello Writers Group who meet twice a month at the Marshall Public Library.

Chris has published stories in several children’s magazines including R-A-D-A-R, Wee Wisdom and others.  More recently she has been on fire with Flash Fiction and short stories for adults.  Her stories are generally set in normal worlds that harbor dark forces lurking in the background or hiding just around the corner.


She invites you to buckle up and enjoy the ride through the fun house of her mind.



Coming Soon

On the Brink of Dissolution:

“All the Extras,” to appear in Horrified Press, T/A Thirteen O’clock Press Bought and Sold Anthology (Horror)

On the Brink of Escape:

“Hostage of Love,” to appear in Horrified Press T/A Thirteen O’clock Press Chains Anthology. (Gothic Horror)

On the Brink of Hell:

“Maelstrom of Madness” to appear in Night Sky Anthology Beware the Blobs!. (Horror)